Service Leadership

At the heart of Alexander Academy’s Leadership and Service is our Action Club, designed to help students understand that learning is not only about what happens in the classroom.

Students in the Action Club are asked to do things they are interested in and then reflect upon what they have learned from the experience.

They are encouraged to participate in creative, physically active, and service experiences. This helps to encourage well-rounded individuals.

Alexander Academy Staff with Students Alexander Academy Teacher with Students

Our Alexander Action Club consists of a group of students from all levels and programs who come together to try to make a difference in our school, our community, and our world. They research global issues such as poverty, animal rights, environmental issues, mental health and see what they can do to make a difference in these areas.

This includes contacting organizations working in these areas and arranging guest speakers and creating fundraisers for these groups. We want to see students working on issues that they care about!

Testimonials from our Students

Creativity : ‘Food Fair’

“The food fair was a project we had a month to prepare for.

My friends and I were super stressed because we were responsible for everything in this project and we wanted it to be awesome. It was super hard and stressful as we needed to bake 200 cookies by ourselves, decorate the whole school and make sure everyone brings food to represent their country.

We had to also buy and manage how to spend the budget we needed for the activities we had for Christmas. Nevertheless, all the effort we put was worth it and everyone had such a great time and enjoyed it a lot.

Through this I learned how to be a good leader and how to manage everything in order to get a perfect outcome.”

Food Fair Candy Apples Soup

Service : Soup kitchen

“Attending the soup kitchen was a very good service activity that I did this year. We were fortunate to learn how to cook food and serve it to less fortunate members at a local church.

It was such a good experience because I got the opportunity to talk to other people and get familiar with people with different perspectives towards the world and life.

After serving at the soup kitchen I always felt super good and happy because we were making others feel super happy.

The experience allowed for all of us to feel grateful. I learned that helping people is one of the best feelings in the world and making them happy, even better!”

Scuba Diving

“Through the Action Club I was able to widen my horizons when it came to an experience I have never done before.

One of these experiences was scuba diving. I had never done scuba diving before so I wasn’t really sure how I would feel. When I first got into the water, I was terrified, my anxiety was getting the best of me and keeping me from truly enjoying the experience.

Scuba Diving Podcast

But once I was able to keep my mind at peace and really focus on the task at hand, I realized how beautiful my surroundings were. It was just me and ocean and that whole experience was very cathartic to me. I learned that I am capable of doing anything I want and that the only thing holding me back was my fear.

Everyone is scared of the unknown and its part of human nature but once you let go of that fear you can have enjoy these amazing experiences.”


“Me and my close friend decided to start our own podcast. Through this podcast we both share our views on some of the world’s current global issues.

I believe that by talking about these issues you are able to spread a message that will hopefully one day bring positive changes to our societies. I understood through this podcast that different people have different viewpoints and that we must be respectful of each other’s views as well as stay true to our own values.

I hope that this podcast is able to spread around the world and that it will continue to address some global issues that I think need to be addressed since the first step towards change is conversation.”