Medical Insurance

Comprehensive health and accident insurance is mandatory in British Columbia. All students attending Alexander Academy are required to have valid medical insurance. Proof of medical insurance coverage is required upon registration.

Where can I purchase Private Medical Insurance?

You may purchase private medical insurance from any company of your choosing, providing that the insurance is valid for medical expenses in Canada. A local insurance provider, Guard.Me, offers students a high quality and low cost health insurance option designed for international students. You can obtain information by contacting the administration at Alexander Academy or by accessing the Guard Me website at Please note that private medical insurance is subject to certain exclusions, such as extreme sports, pre-existing conditions, and incidents involving drug or alcohol use. The applicant is responsible for reviewing the insurance terms which are located on the GuardMe website. 

When should I purchase my medical insurance?

You are strongly advised to purchase your child’s medical coverage before travelling to Canada. Accidents and unexpected illness can occur at any time, and having insurance in place before your child leaves home is the best way to protect you and your family.

About the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP is the BC Provincial Government basic medical insurance plan for all BC residents – including Temporary Residents such as international students. After residing for three months in the Province, international students holding a study permit valid for more than six (6) months are entitled to medical and hospital benefits through the government Medical Services Plan (MSP).

The BC Medical Services Plan Insurance will cover: doctors consultations, hospital treatments, x-rays and laboratory work.
The BC Medical Services Plan Insurance will not cover: prescription costs, ambulance journeys, alternative therapies, contact lenses, glasses, physiotherapy, chiropractor, dental and orthodontic treatment.

International Students

New BC residents arriving from foreign or US locations or returning BC residents arriving from outside Canada must obtain Private Medical Insurance which is valid for at least the first three months in BC.

Current BC Residents

When completing the registration process, please ensure that the school has your child’s MSP Care Card number on file.

Canadians Arriving from another Province

If you are a resident of Canada and arriving in BC from another province, you must enroll your child in the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia upon arrival. You should maintain coverage from your previous medical plan as there is a three month waiting period (90 days) before MSP coverage can begin.

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