Medical Insurance

All students are required to have medical insurance for the duration of their studies at Alexander Academy. Students will be asked for written proof of medical insurance at the time of registration and again on the New and Returning Orientation Days.

Why is medical insurance a requirement?

Did you know that a visit to a hospital emergency room costs $750.00?

That something as simple as a broken arm can cost $2,000 to put in a cast?

That one day in intensive care in a hospital in Canada costs over $10,000?

That if you need surgery it can easily cost $15,000 or more?

If you suffer a sickness or injury, the most important thing is to get the medical attention you need. Without health insurance, the high cost of medical services outside your home country could limit your access to the care you need, or leave you with a large debt to pay.

Our Guard.Me Standard Plan will provide you with complete coverage at a reasonable price.

Note: Alexander Academy is not liable for any medical or dental expenses.

International students

International Students must obtain Private Medical Insurance for at least your first three months in BC.

Where can I purchase Private Medical Insurance?

You may purchase private medical insurance from any company of your choosing, provided that the insurance is valid for medical expenses in Canada. In an effort to make it easy for international students to buy affordable medical insurance, Alexander Academy has made arrangements with a local insurance provider to offer its students a high quality and low cost health insurance designed for international students. The plan is called Guard.Me. Visit for more information and to purchase your coverage online or using the downloadable paper application. You can also pick up an application from the Admissions officed.

When should I purchase my medical insurance?

Whether you choose to purchase the Guard.Me Plan, or another medical plan, you are strongly advised to obtain your medical insurance before travelling to Canada. Accidents and unexpected illness can occur at any time, and having insurance in place before you leave home is the best way to protect yourself and your family. If purchasing insurance after arrival in Canada, make it one of the first things you do in Canada. Apply as soon as possible.

About the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP is the BC Provincial Government basic medical insurance plan for all BC residents – including Temporary Residents such as international students in BC with a study permit. If you will reside in BC with a Study Permit valid for more than six (6) months and meet all criteria for Temporary Residents status in BC, then you will be eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). For more information, and for the MSP application form stop by the Admissions office or visit the website for MSP for BC Residents – or use the contact information below:

BC Medical Services Plan
PO Box 1600
Victoria, BC
Canada V8W 2X9

Telephone: 604 660-2421

1. Enrolment for MSP is not automatic. Students who will enroll for MSP should submit the MSP application shortly after arrival in BC.

2. Upon arrival in BC there is a 3-Month waiting period before MSP coverage can begin, so students applying for MSP must purchase private medical insurance for at least their first three (3) months in BC.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada

1. Residents of British Columbia are required to have coverage under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

2. Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents moving to BC from another Canadian Province or Territory must notify the Provincial Health Plan from their Home Province regarding your move to BC. Depending on the circumstances of your move to BC, you may be given the option to continue insurance from your home Province while you are a full time student in BC, or alternately, you may be advised to apply for BC MSP.

Note: Canadian and Permanent Residents moving to BC from another country must apply for the BC MSP upon arrival in BC, and you will have a three month waiting period before your MSP coverage begins. Therefore you must also purchase Private Medical Insurance for your first three months in BC. See the information above regarding where you can purchase private medical insurance.

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