Medical Insurance

Comprehensive health and accident insurance is mandatory in British Columbia. It is mandatory that all students attending Alexander Academy enroll in both our provincial medical service plan (MSP) and with StudyInsured, our private insurance provider. Both insurance plans are required while students attend Alexander Academy.

The cost of medical insurance combined for both private and MSP for the duration of the school year is $1200 CAD.  

International Students

Great news! We are happy to announce that Alexander Academy has partnered with StudyInsured to take care of our student’s health and wellbeing. By partnering with StudyInsured your child’s will receive complete coverage and protection for medical needs during their studies in Canada. The Ministry of Education also requires that students are insured with our provincial medical service plan (MSP).

Alexander Academy will enroll your child with StudyInsured and with MSP. The cost of medical insurance combined for both private and MSP for the duration of the school year is $1200 CAD. This is a non-refundable fee paid at the time of enrolment.

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Canadians Arriving from another Province

If you are a Canadian citizen arriving to BC from another province, you must enrol your child in the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia upon arrival. You should maintain coverage from your previous medical plan as there is a three month waiting period (90 days) before MSP coverage can begin.

About StudyInsured

All international students at Alexander Academy are required to enroll into the Comprehensive+ Plan offered by StudyInsured™.

This coverage will be in effect for the students during their entire stay and will cover unexpected medical care. This includes sudden illnesses like strep throat or unexpected major emergencies that require surgeries or hospital stays.

StudyInsured™ Assistance is available 24/7 via telephone or email for any questions about the insurance plan or processes or to coordinate care in the circumstance a student is ill or injured and needs medical attention. Students calling the phone line can be serviced in the language of their choice and will be offered a virtual doctor’s appointment when appropriate.

Please see below for more information regarding our comprehensive plan:

About the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)

MSP is the BC Provincial Government basic medical insurance plan for all BC residents – including Temporary Residents such as international students. After residing for three months in the Province, international students holding a study permit valid for more than six (6) months are entitled to medical and hospital benefits through the government Medical Services Plan (MSP).

The BC Medical Services Plan Insurance will cover: doctors consultations, hospital treatments, x-rays and laboratory work.

The BC Medical Services Plan Insurance will not cover: prescription costs, ambulance journeys, alternative therapies, contact lenses, glasses, physiotherapy, chiropractor, dental and orthodontic treatment.