Alexander Academy High-Performance Program

The High-Performance Program at Alexander Academy caters to elite student-athletes and performers in Grades 10 to 12. Recognizing the importance of balancing education with competitive endeavors and artistic pursuits. Our program enables students to pursue their athletic and performing arts goals without compromising their academic journey. Designed for athletes competing at regional, provincial, or national levels, as well as students highly engaged in intensive fine arts or performing arts programs, our program offers a comprehensive platform for growth and achievement.

Entrance Criteria:

Students seeking admission to the High-Performance Program must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • Minimum Training Hours: A commitment of a minimum of 10 hours per week of specific training in their discipline year-round.
  • Academic Performance: A minimum of a C+ average, with no failing grades. Special circumstances may be considered in consultation with the Head of School.
  • Competition and/or Performance: Demonstration of participation or performance at the regional, provincial, or national level in a sport or program.
  • Recommendation: Submission of a recommendation from the coach or person responsible for the training program, indicating that the applicant is undergoing a minimum of 10 hours per week of supervised training. The letter must also detail the specific training and activities undertaken by the applicant.

Assessment Criteria:

Individual Sport/Activity: For students involved in individual sports, or those engaged in fine arts or performing arts, eligibility assessment will consider:

  • The level of competition or performance in the sport/activity.
  • Selection of regional, provincial, or national programs.
  • Feedback from the student’s coach or instructor.

Team Sports: For students engaged in team sports, the eligibility assessment will consider:

  • Inclusion in provincial sports that are established for elite players.
  • The regional, provincial, or national level for which the student has been selected to compete.

At Alexander Academy, we are committed to providing a supportive environment where students can excel academically while pursuing their passions in athletics and the performing arts. Our High-Performance Program offers a pathway for students to achieve their goals and thrive in all aspects of their development.

For further information regarding our High-Performance Program or the application process, please contact us at

Below are some of our elite student-athletes:


Among our standout athlete is Sora, a grade 11 student and tennis sensation, currently ranked #2 in Japan and #1 in girls’ juniors in British Columbia. Sora, who is originally from Japan, started training for the sport as a young girl. She has continued to play for the province of British Columbia when she moved to Vancouver for her higher education. With aspirations to join top universities in America and eyeing a professional tennis career, Sora embodies the dedication and excellence we foster at Alexander Academy. 

Sora in action on a tennis match

Gaspar, a grade 12 student hailing from Chile, has achieved victories in national tournaments and is also continuing his training in Vancouver. For his grade 12 Capstone project, he shared his knowledge of tennis with the school by creating a plan to run his own school of tennis!


Ethan, a graduating grade 12 student and athlete, distinguishes himself as a professional rugby player. His impressive track record includes playing for the provincial rugby team, winning the Western Canada Championship, and gearing up for the U20 tournament in April 2024. Ethan’s accolades include the Dunbar Keg Championship and the “Most Improved Player of 2021-2022” award, showcasing his commitment to the sport! 

Ethan in action at a rugby tournament!


Shemen, a grade 12 transfer student from the United States, has carved a niche as a semi-professional soccer player, boasting a remarkable resume that includes playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Houston Dynamos FC, and the U20 national team. His triumphs in the county league (United States) and national championships (United Kingdom) underscore his prowess on the field. Shemen has also been awarded player of the season 2020-2021 (UK).  

Shemen in action on the field


Soheil, a multi-talented athlete in boxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu, has showcased his skills in tournaments in Tehran, Iran, while pursuing his studies at Alexander Academy. 


The program is also for artists, below check the trajectory of one of our alumni.

Vivian, an accomplished alumni of Alexander Academy from the class of 2023! Currently pursuing a Music Degree at the University of British Columbia, Vivian hails from China and showcases her exceptional talent in playing the Double Bass, Piano, and Flute. In this video, Vivian will share her insights on various topics including how to study High School in Vancouver, the benefits of studying in Canada, navigating a music degree at UBC, tips on becoming a professional musician, enhancing leadership skills during high school, and how Alexander Academy’s High-Performance program for elite artists played a crucial role in preparing her university application.