Why Choose Our School

A very warm welcome from Alexander Academy!  

Alexander Academy is a professional learning community following an integrated approach to education. We educate the whole person: academically, artistically, physically, and socially as we put the student and their strengths and interests first. No two students or journeys are alike and we will go out of our way to find and nurture each student’ unique abilities. 

Alexander Academy is a fully accredited, independent, co-educational university transfer school, located in in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. We are here to support you dreams and help you to hone your skills while learning new ones. 

Alexander Academy offers the grade 9-12, BC high school graduation program, which is recognized by post-secondary institutions around the world. We also offer a special University Transfer Program through our sister school, Alexander College, which provides students the opportunity to also take university level courses and get credit for both high school and university. 

Our diverse and inclusive community has had students from more than 30 countries. The Alexander Academy graduates, continue to get accepted into the world’s top universities each year. 

Alexander Academy students’ study in a culturally rich and academically challenging environment.  

Our core values include:  

  • Engagement 
  • Empathy 
  • Respect 
  • Integrity  

What makes us the most sought-after high school?  

1. Individualized Learning Program 

Alexander Academy teachers, support staff and administrators work with each student to identify their individual potential and strengths. They help them to carve their own unique path to success and build confidence along the way.  

We emphasize on individualized attention within the context of a small classroom environment. Our class strength averages at under 10 students.  

Our small classes provide the opportunity to challenge students to express themselves in an environment where teachers are a vital part of each student’s daily experience.  

Alexander Academy provides for the academic, social, and personal growth of each student.  

2. Extracurricular and Leadership Development 

Alexander Academy provides a wide selection of extracurricular activities, with various special interest clubs, sports, House Program, and volunteer opportunities to choose from. We also offer an ELL Program for students who need extra help with their English before entering our full BC program, as well as a Learning Centre which provides teacher tutorials and peer mentoring support for students after school.  

Alexander Academy also blends the wonderful selection of community resources that Downtown Vancouver provides into the curriculum and extracurricular activities.  

Alexander Academy | Pink Shirt Day 2019 #Share Kindness 

3. Campus and location accessibility

Alexander Academy’s location is difficult to beat! The campus is conveniently located right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver on the corner of West Hastings Street and Seymour Street, with views of the snow-capped mountains and the Pacific Ocean. 

For transportation, Alexander Academy is only one block from Waterfront Skytrain Station, which connects Downtown Vancouver to the cities of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey on the Expo Line, Burnaby, Port Moody and Coquitlam on the Millennium Line, and Richmond and Vancouver International Airport on the Canada Line. Waterfront Station is also the port for the SeaBus passenger ferry that connects Downtown Vancouver with North and West Vancouver across the Burrard Inlet. And many bus lines stop right outside the campus. 

Students and staff also enjoy the delicious cuisine at the international restaurants that surround the campus, including the Pacific Centre Food Fair, which is directly across the street. 

The Alexander Academy Student Experience | Alexander Academy 

4. Student Support Services

We understand the importance of community and a sense of belonging. Alexander academy prioritises student support and wellbeing. We have an in-house counsellor and multiple health and wellness resources that are easily available to students and parents.  

Our staff and faculty are easily approachable and always looking to help the students ease into their day-to-day routines at school.  

5. One on One University Preparation 

Our student service team works one-on-one with each of our students to develop a personalized post-secondary application plan. Alexander Academy alumni are recognized and accepted by renowned universities worldwide. Our graduates have received entrance scholarships and have been accepted to top universities in Canada and around the globe.  

6. Afterschool Learning Centre 

 Our teachers are willing to help students who find it difficult to catch up in class. This extra time is given to students who want to stay back after school hours to talk to their teachers and get assistance and support.  

This system helps all the students to grow together in the same pace. It also allows a safe space for the students to be able to discuss their problems with the teachers one-on-one.  

7. Diverse Student Population 

Our Academy is known for its diverse culture.  

Our high school houses students from over 30 countries. Our uniqueness lies in our diverse and inclusive community. The students get exposed to diverse cultures and mold themselves to be conscious and inclusive individuals. Our students build lifelong friendships and connections with people across the globe.  

Our high school is in one of the top 5 most livable cities in the world! If you are contemplating, here is your que to visit us! 

We will be happy to show you around and welcome you to our school. We are here to answer your questions, address any concerns and to support you every step of the way.  

We hope to see you soon!  


Alexander Academy