English Language Development Program


The English Language Development Program is a preparatory program that develops core English language skills within our high school setting. The program consists of four levels which focus on language learning in the context of academic subject, such as science, social studies, literature, cultural understanding, and communications.

Our ELDP is designed to develop our students’ academic study and participation skills that will ensure their success in our BC Graduation Program.

ELDP provides English language instruction and cultural immersion for our non-native speakers of all ages. We are committed to a personalized approach that provides students who are learning English with the necessary tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Student studying together
Students getting help for teacher

Students are evaluated prior to admission for oral, reading, and writing proficiency by our team and placed in our supplemental program based on evaluation results. We provide students in our ELDP integration in every grade to English learners of every level.

Our small class sizes foster our commitment to personalized learning, allowing specialists to meet the needs of each unique student. Students’ progress to each level and ultimately graduate from the program by passing assessments based on the language demands of our curriculum.