House System

The house system at Alexander Academy is a vibrant and integral aspect of our school’s culture. It is designed to enhance the values of Alexander Academy: engagement, empathy, respect, and integrity.

The house system aims to help new staff and students adapt to the culture of Alexander Academy while giving students a sense of pride in a supportive and safe environment. The house communities go far beyond class cohorts and include students with diverse backgrounds in all age groups.

Why do we have a “House System”?

The goals of the House System are to:

  • promote healthy participation and competition in activities such as:
    • Sports
    • Drama
    • public speaking and debate
    • academic performance and improvement
  • observing school rules and expectations, e.g. English Speaking in Class policy, uniform
  • provide opportunities for students from all cultures to interact and collaborate in a positive and constructive matter
  • encourage students to participate to improve their English
  • inspire students to adopt the ideals and philosophies of the people after whom the houses are named, and to lead and contribute to society in similar ways.

Alexander Academy has four houses, named after admirable Canadians: Terry Fox, David Suzuki, Emily Carr and Margaret Atwood. Each house has student leaders.

It is not a building that makes a house; it is a network of member relationships, developed through regular interaction in a stable community.

The houses provide an opportunity to take part in positive competition and to develop a closer rapport between teachers and students. A series of events are organized throughout the school year, fostering a spirit of friendly rivalry, community, and collaboration.

The houses compete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities for house points. House points are awarded based on participation at these events and also recognize students whose behaviours benefit others, such as helping on school occasions, or simply being supportive toward a classmate or friend. Each term the winning house receives the house shield and other prizes.

Our Values

Engagement, Empathy, Respect, Integrity

Our House System will help us demonstrate the above values especially since each core value is associated with a house leader.

  • Atwood- Integrity (Academic competitions and activities)
  • Carr-Empathy (Artistic competitions and activities)
  • Fox-Engagement (Athletic competitions and activities)
  • Suzuki-Respect (Environmental competitions and activities)

Our School Vision

Alexander Academy is dedicated to educational excellence that is both student-centered and community-oriented. We exemplify a safe and caring school, characterized by our deliberate focus on fostering internationally–minded learners who have inclusive and diverse outlooks. We emphasize collaboration, inquiry, health and holistic life-long learning. We promote empathetic understanding amongst our students toward the ongoing process of reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Student Council

Alexander Academy’s student council consists of the school’s president, the vice president, and the four house captains. But this is not an elite circle: all students are always welcome to join our meetings to voice concerns, listen to the newest developments, or suggest improvements to life at school. Our student council functions as a bridge between student body and staff, and all members are dedicated to make our school a better place. Members do not only organize events for their fellow students, they also listen to their problems and help them become active, responsible, and caring members of our school community. Student council helps students develop leadership skills and fosters our core values of engagement, empathy, respect, and integrity.

Some of our past activities:

  • Annual Terry Fox Run
  • Shoreline Clean-up
  • Pumpkin carving and costume contests for Halloween
  • Movie nights
  • International Food Fair for Christmas
  • Gingerbread House competitions
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Pink month of caring
  • Ping pong tournaments

Alexander Academy Predident of Student Coucil Alexander Academy Vice Predident of Student Coucil

President of Student Council

Hi, my name is Krishna and I am in DP-2 in my program. The reason I ran for this position was primarily to see the students of this institute thrive.

Amidst the chaos that was this pandemic, I sought out methods to aid students and teachers alike as much as I could and will continue to do so as the president of the council.

I am happy to be nominated to represent the school as a whole and to be the voice of students in order to help support their endeavors. Being in this position allows me to help students as much as I can and help open more opportunities for them.

The council is filled with amazing members, each with ideas that help build upon the foundation that the school has set for us.

Vice President of Student Council

Hi, my name is Ashima and I am in Grade 12 at Alexander Academy. I have been attending this school for two years and this year I decided to run for student council. I was a part of student council last year as an auxiliary member but wanted to be a part of the core team for this school year.

I loved helping out last year during the school events and wanted to be a part of this year’s activities as well. Through student council I met so many great people; every single member of the council has such great ideas and it’s always good to work with others who are just as passionate about the task as you are. I am very excited to be the vice president for this school year.

I know that due to Covid this year might not be the same as the years in the past, but I know that we will be able to make this year memorable for all the students. I look forward to working with the other student council members in order to bring our ideas to reality.