Our Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program consists of our volunteer and service activities, and after-school extra-curriculars. These opportunities provide our students with invaluable learning in areas above and beyond the core curriculum.

Our aim is to build strong leadership and service skills for students that will last a lifetime, excite minds, and ignite passions.

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Students cultivate a sense of personal and communal responsibility through giving back to the community. Areas of volunteering and some examples include:

  • Our Local Food Banks
  • Educational Events – University Fair
  • Environmental – Beach/shoreline Cleanup, Neighbourhood cleanup
  • Family and Children Services – Canucks Autism Network
  • Fundraising Events – Cops for Cancer, Terry Fox Foundation
  • School Events – Multicultural Festival, Art Festival
Alexander Academy students joined together for Pink Shirt Day Alexander Academy students volunteering

Extra-Curriculars Program

Alexander Academy’s after-school activities are a vital extension of the day and reflect our dedication to developing active, student leaders.  Students develop their interests and talents ― and discover new ones ― through extra-curricular programs that reinforce what they learn in the classroom, encourage skill development, and build self-esteem.

Along the way, students share enriching experiences, forge friendships, and challenge themselves to grow.


Anime Club, Video Game Club, Fitness Club, Ping Pong Club, Outdoor Skills Club, Art Club


Student Council, Action Club, Chess Club, Dance Club, Textiles Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, Kengido Martial Arts Club, Robotics Club


Dungeons & Dragons Club, Kengido Martial Arts Club, Robotics Club, Yearbook Club