Parent Area

Dear Parents and Custodians,
Here you will be able to see up-to-date information about your child (or children) and also be kept informed of relevant school information and upcoming events.

Parent Portal

Alexander Academy uses the MyEducation BC portal to communicate with students and parents. Important academic information such as report cards* and attendance records can be viewed by both students and parents through the link below. User accounts are activated by the school after the student has begun studying. Please note that when you login for the first time upon receiving a notification email, a red screen will show up to make a NEW PASSWORD. You must make a new password in order to login. This is normal.

Click here to visit our Myeducation Parent Portal

*Complete report cards for Grade 8 and 9 students can be obtained by contacting the front desk at


If a child is sick or will be unable to attend class, the parent, custodian or homestay is responsible for contacting the school ahead of time either via email or phone to inform the front desk. Students cannot be excused from school without approval by their guardian.

Alexander Academy’s attendance policy requires 90% attendance rate. For more information on our attendance policy, please click on the tab below:

Attendance Policy

Alexander Academy believes that regular attendance promotes student learning, demonstrates a commitment to the achievement of the British Columbia Graduate Requirements and is essential for the student’s overall success. Attendance at Alexander Academy is compulsory.

  • Students may be excused for illness, injury, emergencies, religious observance and for
    immigration purposes.
  • Absences for vacations and extended trips cannot be considered excused. Alexander
    Academy teachers will not be responsible for producing work assignments or providing
    make-up assignments, tests or exams for students. All notification of absence due to
    vacation or family trip must be submitted in writing to the Head Teacher.
  • The goal is for every student to be in school every day. A student with less than 90%
    attendance is in violation of our attendance policy.
  • Students are responsible for all course work and assignments while absent. When a test is missed due to illness, a note from a parent/guardian acknowledging his/her awareness that a test has been missed, due to illness, is required.
  • When missing an examination due to illness, a doctor’s note is always required. Any
    examination or test missed due to vacation or truancy will not be rescheduled, and will be assigned a mark of incomplete (I) as this summative assessment must demonstrate
    evidence that course expectations have been met with success.

90 Percent Rule
In addition to the Compulsory Attendance, there is the 90 Percent Rule, which states that
students must attend class for 90 percent of the time it is offered to receive credit for the

  • If the student doesn’t meet the 90% rule, he/she may not receive credit for the course, or advance in ELL courses, and could face expulsion.
  • Students who attend less than 90% of classes are required to make up the missed
    instructional time. If students master course content and satisfactorily meet expectations outlined in the syllabus; they must receive credit for the course.
  • When a student fails to attend 90% of classes, parents are notified with a warning letter.
  • Students and Parents sign an attendance agreement, and follow a plan to make up
    instructional time.
  • Students whose attendance chronically remain under 90% after intervention may
    face possible expulsion.

Student Activities

We love to showcase what our students are up to! Our intention is to provide a view into life at Alexander Academy, especially for those with families abroad. Our Facebook, WeChat and Instagram are frequently updated with photos and information about fieldtrips, classroom activities, assembly days, and much more.

Parent Testimonials

Ajay and Nayani Kumar

Alexander Academy (AA) is a gem of a school in Vancouver BC. The school provides a safe, caring and enriching environment in which kids learn and thrive.

We are impressed with the school administrators, staff and other members who have gone above their roles to nurture and support each student. From the IB courses, the regular courses, to the many clubs and creative pursuits the school provides a challenging environment to learners of all levels. Even through the Covid pandemic the school has maintained an excellent curriculum for in person and online schooling.

Both our kids have greatly benefited from this school over the past several years.

Our son, who attended grades 9-12, graduated last year from Alexander Academy and is pursuing his interest in media arts at University. Our daughter who has been in this school for a few years, was briefly at another school earlier this year. Within a few weeks she asked if she could go back to Alexander Academy as she really missed the teachers and their teaching methods. She looks forward to finishing her high school with Alexander Academy in a few years.

Overall, we highly recommend this school for anyone looking for an excellent, dynamic, caring and flexible environment for their kids.

Linda Petersson, Mother of Luna Petersson, Class of 2020

We can highly recommend Alexander Academy for anyone considering placing their child abroad at an international High School.

We are a Swedish family, and our daughter experienced a fantastic year in Vancouver thanks to the professional teachers, excellent staff and great students that quickly included her, and they became new friends, some of them for life I ’m sure.

We experienced the best service from the very first contact. Starting with a professional interview between the school and parents/student, great information was given upon starting school and moving to a new country learning new customs, this was very helpful for a student.

Through-out the year academically, we were satisfied as well as with our daughter self-development progress. We were very impressed with how quickly the school where able to switch into online-learning during the COVID-19 situation.

Our daughter managed to achieve her goals even with the struggle that the Corona-pandemic brought us all, for that we will always be grateful to the staff of Alexander Academy and their excellent job with their students. We will truly give them our highest recommendations!!

Azar Fanipakdel and Mohammadreza Sedaghat,  Alvand and Sahand’s parents – Class of 2022

Dear teachers, board members, and staff of Academy Alexander High School (Vancouver District),

I would like to thank you for educating my children patiently and passionately throughout the academic year 2021-2022, so they were able to be accepted into the best universities in Canada, as well as being eligible for scholarships, as a result of your constant cooperation and support.

We are also grateful that you have paid special attention to the comprehensive growth and improvement of students, especially in social, ethical, communication and teamwork aspects.

I wish you all success and pride.