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Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on July 6, 2022

To know if you are ready for university, you may ask yourself the following important questions: 

  • Have I learned about my passions and interests and what career best suits my personality type? 
  • Did I research on universities that suit my career goals and ambitions? 
  • Do I have the opportunity to be actively involved in my school community to develop my leadership skills and become a contributing member of my community? 
  • Do I had the opportunity to take a university level course?

At Alexander Academy we can ensure that you will certainly answer yes to all these questions! 

1. Focus on student passions, their interests and what career path fits their personality

At Alexander Academy, our teachers and staff connect with students on a personal level and guide students to explore their passions and interests, both, in class and in extra curricular activities. Students attend career-related webinars, career fairs and presentations from local professionals, various volunteering activities, and hands-on projects that enhance students’ experiential learning and understanding of themselves.

One-on-one guidance is also available for students who prefer a more personal approach. Collaboratively, Alexander Academy students are empowered to make well-informed plans that suit their personal interests. 

University research
University preparation

2. Research about university offers and best programs to suit personal needs and goals 

Grades 9 to 12:

University research is essential for high school students. With adequate research, students have a well thought out plan for university applications by the end of their final years at high school. Starting in Grade 9 and 10, students at Alexander Academy explore programs available at various universities, and how they support their career goals.

Every year we host a university fair giving students a chance to meet representatives from many prestigious universities from around the world. Together, they explore requirements for programs, options for scholarships, and preparation work required by the students.

Grades 11 and 12:

Students in Grades 11 and 12 continue working on their scholarship application plans and continue to meet with representatives from universities to clarify any doubts. We support students to create a plan, track progress, set an application timeline, attend family meetings, and ensure that academic admission requirements are met throughout the duration of their studies.

University acceptance discussion
University councelling

3. Personalized university graduation plan

Personalized plan:

Having a personalized Individual graduation plan is the key to high school success and university acceptance. Our university guidance team assists students with resume building. Students brainstorm a list of activities they have done and continue to seek opportunities that fit their interests. The students are encouraged students to develop their skill set and leadership development which is imperative for admission requirements. 

Meet our guidance team:

The Director of Marketing sets up a personalized meeting to create part-one of the graduation plan. The next in chain is the Student Services Manager, who goes over students’ past extra-curricular experience, interests, and potential post-secondary fields of study. The plan varies depending on the grade level of the student.

This meeting is crucial to ensure that all transferrable credits are granted to the students and that they will have a sound plan for graduation. An individualized learning plan is created for each student at Alexander Academy as a result of the outcome of this meeting.

4. The extracurricular clubs and activities offered at Alexander Academy adds value to University applications

We provide guidance to students to work on their personal profile prior to submitting their university application in grade 11.

Students need to build the foundations of who they are as a leader and an active participant in our school and surrounding community which results in higher chances of university acceptance. The enrichment program at Alexander Academy provides our students with the foundation of becoming active global citizens who contribute positively to the world around them.

Hear what our Alexandrains have to say about all our clubs and activities

5. Receive dual credits in collaboration with our sister school- Alexander College

Fortunately, our students at Alexander Academy are able to take university level courses in our unique University Transfer Program which we offer in conjunction with out sister school, Alexander College. Students can take up to two university courses, after which they receive the dual transferable credits. All the top Universities of Canada accept these credits as part of the application.

Learn about the Dual Credit system at Alexander Academy

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