Got accepted to the University of my choice!  

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on August 24, 2022

Join our university transfer program and let your dreams come true.  

The ever-changing education industry is always striving for more conscious and well-rounded young adults to be the leaders of our society.  

Amidst our academic training, Alexander Academy’s approach to education is a tad bit different from the traditional system. Our focus has been on students; we design a personalized academic plan for each student. This helps to leverage their strengths for achieving academic success and building leadership characteristics.  

 Have you ever felt stuck with the subjects at school, without an option to choose subjects that interest you? How many people have told you that if you do not do well in school, you will never get accepted to a well-known university of your choice?  

Alexander Academy has a unique approach to education. We have a 100% success rate of acceptance of all our students to top universities in Canada and across the globe.  

What is a “University Transfer Program”?

Our University Transfer Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to finish high school courses while taking university transfer courses concurrently at our sister school, Alexander College. 

Students can finish their mandatory studies within a ten-month program and simultaneously receive university credits for up to two university transfer courses. 

The Program is designed for grade 11 and 12 students who require less than 10 credits to graduate. Students who join this program will complete their high school diploma in one academic year, including summer school, if necessary. This program also gives students the option to study dual credit courses concurrently at our sister school, Alexander College

The dual credit aspect is for highly motivated students. Students with a strong academic standing who would like to begin their university transfer studies while in high school. 

The BC Ministry of Education allows students to take courses at recognized post-secondary institutions. These courses count as four-credit non-subject-specific grade 12 courses towards completion of the requirements for high school graduation while, at the same time, receiving full university transfer credit. 

After meeting all requirements, the student may then begin university concurrent studies at Alexander College

Are you wondering how you fit in? And how will this help you to get accepted to the university of your dreams?  

Here are some of the things that will help you understand why this program is the best choice for you:

  • Take a university-level course at Alexander College (our sister school) while you are completing your high school Dogwood graduation program. The students get both, High school credits and College credits  
  • Pick your choice of subjects and master them
  • Take courses that are only available at our school and no-where else 
  • Expand your network – build friendships with people around the globe 
  •  Get overall exposure needed for your personal growth 
  • Our highly qualified teachers and faculty members, support you throughout your journey
  • Get a letter of recommendation from the instructor to boost your university application

For more details contact us on: 

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Vancouver, BC, 
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