The Amazing Alexandrian Effect

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on July 28, 2021

Open up your world to new possibilities

An intercultural adventure at Alexander Academy will transform your life forever! We call it the Amazing Alexandrian Effect!

Become global

The Alexandrian effect will allow you to make new friends from all over the world!

Enjoy different traditions. Take time to appreciate, value and deepen your insights about other perspectives, cultures, religions and important world issues.

This year, Alexander Academy signed a friendship agreement with Jiashan school in China.

As part of our agreement, we wanted to have our students interact with the students at Jiashan school to promote a sense of community, practice our speaking skills, and even have a little fun!

Students chatting with her parents

We created a Friendship Club at the school that met with students from Jiashan school via the Zoom video-conferencing platform once every two weeks on Mondays.

Our students practiced their presentation skills and supported the Jiashan students who were focussed on improving their English skills.

Students shared their interests and even their special talents. Judging by the karaoke performances of a few of the Jiashan students, we have some stars in the making! The staff at both schools also had fun learning about some of the tech challenges of communicating between the two countries.

All-in-all, we started off small, but the future looks bright between our two schools. This upcoming year we hope to build on our relationship and expand the activities that we started this year.

Become change

You may open your mind to a new way to view the world and help others see the world the way you experience it. Build bridges across cultures by creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

Below are a few thoughts from Rayna, one of our graduates, on her experience as a facilitator for the Friendship Club:

The Friendship Club is a platform for us to communicate with students from Jiashan school in China. We  discuss fixed topics every week, such as personal interests, the career we want to be in the future and so on. I think the Friendship Club is a good activity because students from another country can make connections with us.

Students chatting with her parents

We can exercise our English-speaking skills, because the Jiahsan students are relatively young and their English vocabulary is limited. Our goal is to be able to use easy-to-understand vocabulary to describe what we want to express.

Besides, some non-Chinese students at Alexander Academy get to understand China’s culture more in depth at the time of the meeting. Also, in our communication, we can know more about the thoughts of young people in China.

In every meeting, we can exchange various opinions with them by practicing a speech, such as the reason why they want to study in Canada, or the hobbies and activities we like. After communicating with them, we can have a basic understanding of their beliefs and dreams, which is a good platform for us to make friends with them.

This club allows us to learn how to make a good power point, can help us when we speak, and make our speech more understandable and fun. In one of the activities, I was appointed as MC, which was a good opportunity for me to train my leadership skills. I think this club can accumulate our experience and improve our ability to express ourselves.

Students chatting with her parents

Become yourself

The Alexandrian effect will help you discover new things about yourself and your place in the world. Learn how to turn challenging situations into valuable opportunities to grow and become more mature.

How can I become an Amazing Alexandrian?

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