High School Robotics club

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog, School News on January 24, 2023

Alexander Academy introduces its first ever ‘Robotics club’ for high school students  

Yes!! You heard that right. Alexander Academy has a new robotics club, led by our computer science and mathematics teacher Mr. Velji!

Robotics is a branch of engineering that involves the conception, design, manufacture and operation of robots. The objective of the robotics field is to create intelligent machines that can assist humans in a variety of ways. Robotics can take on a number of forms. 

Why should you join the Robotics Club?

Our club encourages and attracts students that are interested in learning about robotics and programming and are looking to develop new skills to build their personal profile.  

Robotics is one of the fastest-growing branches of engineering and has many young adults interested in taking this up as a career.  

Who can join the Robotics Club?  

Any student who has the willingness to learn and is interested in programming and AI can be part of this club. This club allows them to be coached by their teacher and learn many valuable skills. Our students are learning mechanics, AI, programming, design, construction, and operation of robots. They develop many meaningful skills like problem-solving, creative thinking and teamwork.  

Competitions and more …

The school facilitates the ideas of the students and supports them to achieve the desired result. Mr Velji, our computer programming and IT teacher is the coach of the club, and under his coaching and guidance, the students participated in their first-ever robotics competition hosted by VEX in December 2022 and had two wins! A great start for our budding IT students.  

Robotics club

The robotics club has an enthusiastic bunch of students that are eager to learn and explore more. The club has planned to attend at least one competition per month. The team is hoping to learn from their local competitions and clear them, to be able to make it to the regionals, nationals and eventually the world competitions.  

Here is a sneak peek at what has been happening behind the scenes before the competition:    

robotics club

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