Alexander Academy students rank amongst the top 5 in the province. Do the math! 

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog, School News on May 17, 2023

“Alexander Academy Achievements”: Students rank top 5 in the province at an international math contest  

Alexandrians have been acing the international mathematics competition and have consistently ranked among the top 5 in the province. The Caribou Mathematics competition is a series of international online math contests held six times a year. This prestigious event displays the mathematical prowess of young minds from around the globe. Alexander Academy’s students have not only achieved remarkable success at an international level but have also established themselves as one of the top contenders within the province of British Columbia.  

This year, over 3500 students participated from all over the world. Alexander Academy students have showcased outstanding performance through all six competitions. Some of our students secured first place in the province. It is a big win for the school, and we are proud of the student’s commitment and hard work.  

Above: Alexander Academy students with their math teacher Mr. Garcia

Alexander Academy is incomplete without its enthusiastic teachers. The teachers are committed to educating students and providing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. The guidance and passion of the teachers are what fuel the skill and passion of students.  

Alexander Academy’s exceptional performance in the international mathematics competition, consistently ranking among the top five in British Columbia, is a testament to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and the outstanding abilities of its students.  

We are hoping to continue the stride and win accolades for the school over and over again!

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