Happy 2021 from Alexander Academy

Written by Alexander Academy in School News on January 18, 2021

Happy 2021! Welcome to the New Year from your private high school. Here are our organizational suggestions for 2021! The time has come to say “peace out” to 2020! Let’s get ready to welcome 2021 with open arms. We all love the “fresh start” that a new year brings and especially this year more this year—more than ever—we are all ready to embrace the hope of what 2021 will be.  

Each New Year comes with new resolutions. However, resolutions with a plan are simply wishes! Now is the time set some goals for yourself. Goals are a great way to motivate us and remind us of what we want in our lives and they can be made anytime throughout the year. 

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Questions to ask yourself:  

What were my biggest struggles in 2020? Was it adjusting to your virtual high school curriculum?  

As the world recovers from the world recovers from a global pandemic – teachers, students, and parents may find ourselves in a somewhat unfamiliar situation compared to what we are normally familiar with. Reflect on the losses you faced in 2020 and what you struggled with due to the pandemic. Create a list of your top struggles. Once you have the list begin to look at creative ways to overcome the struggles and set some practical goals for yourself.  

For example, if you struggled to focus during virtual classes, the solution may be to move your study space to a less distracting area – for instance, move out of your bed and focus on your lessons in a well-lit area with a comfortable table and chair.  

If your eyes were constantly tired from looking at screens, you could order special glasses that block blue light, or download a blue light filter application for your computer and cellphone.  

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Look carefully at your struggles and set goals to address each struggle. Break your goal into bite-sized chunks. Give yourself daily, weekly and monthly steps. Focus on those. When you accomplish one, tackle the next one. 

Aside from the struggles of the pandemic, what other dreams do I have for 2021? 

We recommend you set goals for these areas of life: 

  •  Fitness Goals: Hit the gym more often, take the stairs, and remember to eat your veggies. 
  •  Educational Goals: I resolve to identify and address my e-learning difficulties. 
  •  Family Goals: Make it a point to spend time with your loved ones. 
  •  Social Goals: Look for creative new ways to connect with others.  

How long will it take to reach my goal? How do I know when I’ve reached my goal? 

Set a time limit—because you need a finish line. Take that goal of yours, create a plan, and break it all the way down to daily activities. Then, give yourself a deadline. 

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Something special happens when you write down specific goals. Get them down on paper along with all the steps it’ll take for you to get there.  

Don’t get discouraged if you get off track. Life happens. Remember 2020 and all the “surprises” it had? We all hit speed bumps and roadblocks along the way—pandemic or not. And honestly, that’s okay! That’s real life. As long as you stay focused on the end goal and keep taking small steps toward getting there, you’ll be on your way to big life-change. As you strive to complete you BC Graduation Diploma we as your secondary school in Vancouver, will be always here to support you to get through the changes. 

Now go take 2021 by storm! 

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