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Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on August 30, 2022

5 things you need to know about the English language development program

Worried about your English language skills? Not getting accepted to a school/university without English proficiency?

Enroll yourself to our English program at Alexander Academy and get all the support you need to successfully achieve your academic goals.

The English language development program helps students to develop core English language skills while studying at our school. Yes, you heard that right, we do not require any English language proficiency and we will be supporting you throughout your academic journey to build your language skills.  

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about our ELDP course:  

1. Who can apply?

Students from grade 9-12 can join this program. We have designed this course to help students learn and fine tune their English language skills. You can take this course while you are studying at our high school to complete your BC graduation. You do not require an entry level or any level of English proficiency to be admitted to the high school. Just enroll and begin!  

2. Course details 

 The program consists of four levels which focus on language learning in the context of:  

Academic subject such as: 

  • Science 
  • Social studies 
  • Literature 
  • Cultural understanding  
  • Communications 

We have two intakes for this course, one in September and the other in January.  

3. Benefits of joining the ELDP course 

The program is designed to complement the academic study of the students, i.e. the BC high school graduation program. It further helps to enhance their participation skills in classes and all other activities.

ELDP provides English language instruction and cultural immersion for our non-native speakers of all ages. We are committed to a personalized approach that provides students who are learning English with the necessary tools to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

4. Evaluation and support 

Prior to admission, students are evaluated on their level of expertise  for oral, reading, and writing proficiency by our team, and then placed in our supplemental program based on evaluation results.  

Based on their level of expertise we then integrate them into the ELDP program every year with other English learners of all levels.  

5. Personalized attention  

Our small class sizes foster our commitment to personalized learning, allowing specialists to meet the needs of each unique student.  

Students’ progress to every level with continued guidance and support from our teachers who prepare them for final assessments. They ultimately graduate from the program by passing the tests based on the language requirements of the curriculum. 

Alexander academy understands the challenges & barriers, language can cause. Keeping that in mind, the academy provides full support to all our students in mastering the English Language. The teachers are warm, welcoming and very approachable. This program caters to all students, looking to learn the language right from scratch or to hone their skills further.

Come join us in helping you become the leaders of tomorrow! Onwards and upwards …  

English Program

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