Back to School at Alexander Academy

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on September 9, 2021

Adjusting to a New School Year : Back to School at Alexander Academy

Has the thought of going back-to-school nightmares caused you to start waking you up in early August, wondering – what is returning to school going to be like amidst this ongoing global pandemic? Did you hesitate to open our new Head of School’s “Welcome Back” email?  

If these feelings still linger now that school has started, here are some suggestions to help you through the tough transition of returning to school. 


First, know that you are normal. You are probably feeling a combination of feelings, and it can help to name them. Are you sad that your time off, time with family or time for yourself has ended? Are you anxious about school Are you frustrated or angry about how Covid-19 has changed so much about school?

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Identifying our feelings is empowering because then we can make decisions that are clearer and in response to what we’re really feeling. 


The end of vacation is a loss – a loss of time to connect with others and to explore interests and passions outside of the classroom, as well as a loss of time to rest.

It is okay to recognize these feelings. For most students, the school year is a whirl of busyness, so if you’re feeling sad, it is probably because of the awareness that during the school year we have so little time for these other aspects of our lives. 


The transition back to school can be eased for many by connecting with others – with old friends and new students. We are social beings, and the rewards of social connection help us both emotionally and psychologically. Reach out to the wonderful students at our school perhaps start a connection by sharing about your summers. Then, transition your talk into your feelings and thoughts about the new school year. 


Even if you feel shy, try to step out and make connections. Making connections will help you experience something wonderful about being a high school student which is developing meaningful relationships with other students! 


Even now with the school year just kicking off, make a plans for yourself. It can simply be a plan for a Saturday in October when you’ll spend the day with a friend. Yes, you can also make a plan for yourself too, many of us yearn for more time alone. Knowing that you will have a day or weekend to look forward to can ease the pain of the end of summer. 



Recall what you like about being a student and explore those memories. If, for example, you enjoy the process of project-based learning and doing research on content, allow yourself to sink deep into the satisfying memories of those experiences. Think back on a few really meaningful incidents when that happened and call up as many details as possible. Most certainly you will create some amazing memories at Alexander Academy, the best high school in Vancouver. 


This kind of remembering actually shifts what is happening biochemically in your body, and you will start feeling better. This process is strengthened if you can talk about it with someone, perhaps a family member, a homestay parent, or a friend.  


If you are still feeling anxious or lacking motivation now that you are back to school, explore that anxiety – either alone or with a trusted friend, a teacher, or one of our administration team members. See if you can identify some of the origins of the anxiety. This can help put the fears into perspective. Follow the anxieties.  Usually, it is not as bad as we think it will be!

We remember that we are resourceful, that we’ve surmounted challenges in the past, and that most of the time, things turn out okay. May this new school year be filled with awareness, and ease. 

We are delighted to welcome back our returning student and we are also especially excited to welcome our new students to our wonderful private high school in downtown Vancouver!  

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