Rising Stars: Celebrating the Achievements of Exceptional Athletes

Written by Alexander Academy in Amazing Alexandrians, Blog, News and updates on December 21, 2023

Once again, the students of Alexander Academy have demonstrated remarkable achievements in their extracurricular pursuits, filling us with immense pride. Their commitment, discipline, and passion have elevated their performance in various sports, showcasing the diverse talents within our close-knit international community. 

Our sports stars, excelling in disciplines such as tennis, rugby, soccer, badminton, and more, have triumphed in local and national competitions. Being a close-knit international community, it is always gratifying to see students from different countries sharing their talent and honing them further. Students engage in their own extracurricular training beyond the confines of the traditional school setting.


Among our standout athlete is Sora, a grade 11 student and tennis sensation, currently ranked #2 in Japan and #1 in girls’ juniors in British Columbia. Sora, who is originally from Japan, started training for the sport as a young girl. She has continued to play for the province of British Columbia when she moved to Vancouver for her higher education. With aspirations to join top universities in America and eyeing a professional tennis career, Sora embodies the dedication and excellence we foster at Alexander Academy. 

Gaspar, a grade 12 student hailing from Chile, has achieved victories in national tournaments and is also continuing his training in Vancouver. For his grade 12 Capstone project, he shared his knowledge of tennis with the school by creating a plan to run his own school of tennis!


Ethan, a graduating grade 12 student and athlete, distinguishes himself as a professional rugby player. His impressive track record includes playing for the provincial rugby team, winning the Western Canada Championship, and gearing up for the U20 tournament in April 2024. Ethan’s accolades include the Dunbar Keg Championship and the “Most Improved Player of 2021-2022” award, showcasing his commitment to the sport! 

Ethan in action at a rugby tournament!


Shemen, a grade 12 transfer student from the United States, has carved a niche as a semi-professional soccer player, boasting a remarkable resume that includes playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps, Houston Dynamos FC, and the U20 national team. His triumphs in the county league (United States) and national championships (United Kingdom) underscore his prowess on the field. Shemen has also been awarded player of the season 2020-2021 (UK).  

Shemen in action on the field


Soheil, a multi-talented athlete in boxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu, has showcased his skills in tournaments in Tehran, Iran, while pursuing his studies at Alexander Academy. 

Dedicated to holistic student development, Alexander Academy provides weekly sports opportunities at Creekside Community Centre, fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship among students. The upcoming gym facility in the campus basement is scheduled to open in the upcoming Winter 2024 semester and reflects our commitment to supporting students in their athletic pursuits. 

The school’s active participation in basketball and badminton competitions with Group 4 independent schools last year resulted in our students securing top prizes, further highlighting the prowess and competitive spirit nurtured at Alexander Academy. 

Alexander Academy continues to support our athletes and provide opportunities for students to explore and hone their skills through activities organized by the school.

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