Alexander Academy hosts its annual Art, Literary & Film Festival

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog, School Events on June 21, 2023

Celebrating creative expression through different art forms with great pomp and glory 

The much-awaited arts festival is Alexander Academy’s annual event, that takes place in May every year. It is a stage for students to showcase their talent and express themselves through art, writing and film-making. Let’s take you through the vibrant world of creativity that unfolds within the walls of Alexander Academy!  

The festival featured poetry, artistic sculptures, sketches, paintings, films, a live Kengido martial arts performance, and a live calligraphy workshop. Teachers and students participated in calligraphy writing in Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. A unique painting activity was organized, where the students of different houses had to complete the painting by following a number pattern on a blank canvas. The designs were created by Ms. Treanor, art teacher at Alexander Academy.

alexander academy
Blank canvases ready to be painted
Arts festival
Students completing the painting following numbers

Arts Festival
Chinese Calligraphy
Arts Festival
Arabic and Japanese Calligraphy

Art, Sculptures and More

Every student’s work showed deep thought and inspiration. The sketches, paintings and sculptures were an embodiment of unique and captivating stories. There was a vibrant mix of portraits capturing different human emotions that were truly awe-inspiring. Alexander Academy students turned into directors, producers and actors for their filmmaking projects.

Arts Festival
This student was inspired by his friend Jack and dedicated this piece as a birthday gift to him.
alexander academy
This student was inspired to bring his Dungeons & Dragons character to life.

Japanese Martial Arts Performance

The festival started with an opening act by our student Yusei, who is the lead at the school Kengido club. Kengido fuses traditional Japanese performing arts with martial arts and Samurai sword training. His performance captivated the audience and set precedence for a grand start to the festival. 

The festival fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among the budding artists, encouraging them to continue exploring their talents and expressing themselves through different mediums. Participating in art events provides a holistic platform for students. They can use this platform to unleash their artistic talents, celebrate literature, and explore the world of filmmaking.

The festival continues to play an integral role in shaping well-rounded individuals. Individuals who can think creatively and engage with the world around them.  

A big shout out to all our students who participated and the organizing teachers who made this a truly amazing day of celebrating fine arts and literature.

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