Artists at work!

Written by Alexander Academy in Blog on May 3, 2022

By Mme. Negoita

As World Art Week slowly approaches on May 9th-13th our students have been working extremely hard to create and prepare their showcase pieces.

In Arts Studio 11/12, students have had an opportunity to explore and reflect on theory about art and drawing and then create their own portfolio with sketchbooks, paintings and crafts. Each art piece contains diverse themes of four major learning areas that students are interested in based on a questionnaire that they filled out at the beginning of the year. 

Through this course, students have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of painting. They now understand the history behind some of the most famous painters, art principles and elements of painting, basic techniques in painting and how to analyze and critique art. This course has offered unique learning aesthetic experiences where students have shown growth in understanding that arts are not just pretty pictures but the fuel of everything in life and of all the ideas for other subjects’ study. Art is also the fuel for the innovation and human development as learners and leaders.

In Visual Arts 8/9 students have combined a creative, practical “hands-on” and theoretical “minds-on” academic experience that integrated all the Arts into the re-designed BC curriculum.

Developing creativity, uniqueness, originality in students was the goal of the program. Each unit integrated the core competencies of communication, critical and effective thinking, creative thinking, personal awareness, social responsibility as well as the principles of learning of the First Nations people through the study of arts and cultures. 

I’d like to thank all my students for their consistent work and effort in producing creative and unique art pieces. Your dedication to your studies is admirable.  

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