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A step-by-step process to ensure admission at top universities in Canada and all around the world  

There is known anxiety that shadows most students and parents at this time of the year.

As high school students prepare to apply to top universities, they are stressed about their results and the outcome of their application. To help you better prepare for university applications and have a good understanding of the various acceptance criteria, we have set out a step-by-step guide for you.  

It is essential for parents and students to have the right information about university preparation, eligibility criteria and the importance of creating a good personal profile through high school years to successfully secure admission at your dream university.  

Here is a complete breakdown of all that you need for a successful university application and acceptance:  

  • Start at high school- early years of preparation ensure a smooth transition into universities 
  • Getting ready for university: Guidance and preparation 
  • Eligibility criteria for admission at top universities 
  • Information about application deadlines, intakes, submission etc  

1. Start at high school- early years of preparation ensure a smooth transition into universities  

High school prepares the ground for a successful career for students. At Alexander Academy, we are focused on working on each student’s strengths and passion to design a personalized academic plan. This individual pathway helps students to leverage their strengths, work on their weaknesses and build an impressive personal profile that guarantees admission to top Canadian universities. 

The next step after enrollment is that set up an interview and do a preliminary course plan for you. We check your previous report cards and determine how many credits we can transfer. At the end of this evaluation, we will be able to estimate how long it will take the student to graduate.  

2. Getting ready for university application: Guidance and preparation  

Many times, students feel lost and need guidance to apply to universities. Our student service manager discusses and builds an individual learning plan. The academy ensures to give the right guidance to students with respect to research on the university, assisting them in the application process, and guiding them with submission and follow-up as well. We help them to build strong impressive profiles for university.  

We host University fairs at the school and invite Universities to come and speak with our students. This allows the students to learn more about different Universities and their offerings and gives them a chance to ask all relevant questions to university representatives.  

3. Eligibility criteria for admission at top universities 

The most important part for students is to create an impressive personal profile which is one of the most important criteria for many top universities. Below are some of the other criteria that universities are looking for in a good application:  

  • Having good grades  
  • English language proficiency  
  • Leadership skills: Universities want to see well-developed individuals who are proactive in learning 
  • Student values through coursework and volunteer activities  
  • Interests and passion other than academics through extracurricular activities and participation in school events  
  • Contribution to the community through volunteer hours  
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills through art Portfolio in class and entrepreneurship projects  
  • Challenges students have overcome by working on different projects, activities for team building etc. 

Academic Eligibility required for most universities is: 

  • Grade 11 and 12 core subjects  
  • Program-specific subjects 
  • Language Proficiency Tests or SAT 
  • IELTS (6.5), TOEFL and others 
  • deadline to take these tests, they vary for different universities. 
  • Some programs evaluate applicants based on their personal statements, leadership skills, art portfolios and/or their performances on a video interview. 
  • Reference letters from instructors/ teachers 

Students studying at Alexander Academy get an opportunity to take two university courses (at our sister school: Alexander College) while studying at high school and they can transfer these credits to the university. This definitely gives them university experience, a chance to interact with university students, explore more options and choices, and lastly but most importantly, they receive reference letters from their instructors which play an important role in securing admission at top universities.  

4. Information about application deadlines, intakes, form submission and process   

Most North American universities start accepting applications from October to January for their fall intake.  

Europe and UK accept applications from August to October.  

The general process of application and steps to follow are listed below:  

  • fill out an application form 
  • general personal information 
  • Academic history 
  • supplementary documents  
  • References and/or reference letter 
  • personal profiles/statements, answers to essay questions, portfolios, video interviews 
  • Submit (At this point, students will still be taking most grade 12 courses) 

All this information can be overwhelming but we can make it easy! Our alumni have had a smooth transition into top universities and are making Alexander Academy proud at every step of the way.  

Get in touch with us and let us chat about your bright future 😊

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