Alexander Academy celebrates its 10th year anniversary in 2023! 

Written by Alexander Academy in School News on January 10, 2023

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Alexander Academy celebrates its 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY this year!!! 

It’s a been a long-joyful ride since our fall semester and we cannot wrap our heads around at how fast these last few months have passed. With the hustle bustle of the fall term and all school activities, we have had a very fulfilling 2022, and are looking forward to what the new year brings in.  

 With a full house of students and many school activities like sports day, multicultural week, Halloween celebrations, outdoor trips, robotics competition, math competitions and so much more, we are truly grateful to all our students for building such a beautiful & warm community of conscientious learners.  

We had our big bang 10th year anniversary celebration in December ‘22. Alexander Academy completes 10 years in 2023 and to mark that special occasion, the academy celebrated 10 glorious years in the presence of the board members, faculty & staff and our amazing Alexandrians. Looking back to where it all started, we definitely have come a long way.  

A few snippets from our 10-year anniversary celebrations that will leave you with a sense of community and belonging!  

This is what Alexander Academy is made up of: lots of fun, laughter and an inclusive community.  

10th year alexander academy
Teachers and Faculty receiving their 5 year achievement award for their relentless work at Alexander Academy
celebrating 10th year anniversary
Fun activity with the teachers and students
10 year anniversary
Celebrating every milestone along the way! Three cheers to Alexander Academy

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