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Virtual Open House

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Student Lounge
Alexander Academy

Academic Environment
Our Head Teacher Mr. Todd, talks about our amazing Alexandrian learning environment and about the unique experience students have while studying at our downtown Vancouver high school. 

Social Studies
Mr. Cook shares the importance of learning Social Studies and how history broadens your horizon.

Science Lab
Ms. Sandhu shows how students learn science with the advantage of the Alexander Academy’s science lab.

Welcome from the Head of School
Hear from our Head of School, Mr. Austen, about the culture of Alexander Academy and what sets us apart from other BC Independent Schools.

Drama and French
Ms. Negoita shares how she uses Drama in teaching French as a second language.

Social Studies
Mr. Lappan brings his global perspective to classroom teaching.

Student Services
Our Student Services Manager, Ms. Guan talks about how our student counselling services help every student succeed at Alexander Academy.

Extra-curricular Opportunities
Mr. Garcia talks about the clubs and extra-curricular opportunities at Alexander Academy.

Our librarian, Ms. Chen, talks about the functions of the library and the advantages it brings to our students.

Our Director of Admissions and Business Development, Ms. Lewis shares the admissions process at Alexander Academy and about our newly built application system.

Mr. Spencer shares our personalized English Language Development Program.

Alexander Academy & ELL

Alexander Academy & University Transfer

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