Message from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Alexander Academy.

We are delighted that you have found us and invite you to get to know us better. As you will see, at Alexander Academy our lively classrooms celebrate the joy of learning and foster the quest for excellence and exploration. The first thing you will notice when you arrive at Alexander Academy is that the excitement is tangible: you will feel the energy and sense the vibrancy as soon as you enter our school.

You will grasp the wonder of discovery in the classrooms as each student and faculty member engage in authentic critical thinking and learning. Our small classes provide the opportunity to challenge students to express themselves in an environment where teachers are a vital part of each student’s daily experience. Our personalized community also helps to build lifelong friendships among students and faculty.

We are a professional learning community following a holistic approach to education. We educate the whole person: academically, artistically, physically and socially as we put the student and their strengths and interests first. No two students or journeys are alike and we will go out of our way to find and nurture each student’ unique abilities.

To help students on their path, we craft a unique program designed for each student. Ultimately, it is our goal is to shape 21st century leaders who have the courage to take intellectual risks as they work effectively with others. Our aim is that every student should leave Alexander Academy happy, fulfilled and prepared for the next stage of their life.

In navigating through the pages of this website, I hope that you will get a real sense of the richness and diversity of life at Alexander Academy. Above all else, I hope that you will gain a strong impression that, at Alexander Academy, the interest of our students comes first.

Please do come and visit Alexander Academy. You are warmly welcome.

Spencer Todd