Board of Directors

Barbara MoonBarbara Moon, (Chairperson) BSc (Hons), PhD (SFU), former Professor and Head of the Department of Biology at the University of the Fraser Valley.  Hugh JohnstonHugh Johnston, PhD (King’s College, University of London) Professor Emeritus, Department of History, SFU.
board-of-governors-linda-sprustonLinda Spruston, B.Ed. (UBC), MA (UBC), Former Burnaby School Administrator.
Eric ZhaoEric Zhao, Vice-President Operations, Alexander College.

Message from the Chair of the Board

Welcome to Alexander Academy. We are committed to our mission, goals and values and take pride in our ability to provide an excellent education that meets the individual needs of every student in a caring and supportive environment.

We welcome students from around the world and work collaboratively to provide a program of academic excellence while nurturing their social, emotional artistic, and physical abilities.

We expect our students to be lifelong learners. In addition to academic success, we know that success in the future will require that our graduates be motivated, organized, flexible, optimistic and have a strong work ethic. Our dedicated and very experienced staff will ensure that our students will get many opportunities to gain these skills.

Our students inspire and challenge us and we strive to do the same for them. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Alexander Academy students in school computer lab Alexander Academy students interacting during class