Student and Parent Testimonials

Graduating Students of 2016

We are so proud of what our graduating class has accomplished! Watch the video to find out what some of them will be up to after graduating.



“In this school I really like the teachers at Alexander Academy because you always can talk to them, joke with them and they always have time for you. I also like that there are so many students who will also help when you need it.” – Igor, Grade 11 Student

“I’ve been accepted to the University of British Columbia which has been my goal for a long time and am doing my degree in Arts, at least until I change my mind. Having gone to this school in my last years of high school has helped me in ways I couldn’t have otherwise imagined and I’ve received extremely personalized support from my teachers and the administration. I’d advise younger students to not being afraid to ask questions or share their frustrations with teachers who have likely had this same experience of choosing, applying and preparing for universities as they can offer some valuable input.” – Rasmus, Grade 12 Student

“I appreciate that Alexander Academy has given me the confidence to continue learning Physics. After finishing Physics 11, I decided, “no more physics in my life.I was completely suffering the whole time as I learned physics 11. However, when I came to Alexander and decided to give physics another try, I realized that I can do well in physics! The teachers here are just amazing.” – Tina, Grade 12 Student

“Our son is a high achiever academically, but also athletically. We needed to find a school that would nurture his strengths and challenge his weaknesses and have an understanding for the needs of our son in his athletic program.” – Parent

“A life-changing experience. We feel no less than this when we see the changes in our son. From improved grades to a positive outlook, self-esteem and confidence. At Alexander Academy our son is flourishing and is happy. The teachers are also wonderful and very dedicated and we feel fortunate to have found this school.”   – Parent

“As parents we have really appreciated the personal service offered by all the staff at Alexander Academy and the commitment they have to our son’s education and his specific educational needs. No two students are the same and the school recognizes this and strives to accommodate individual learning requirements in a way larger schools cannot.” – Parent