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Science at the Academy

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Bringing the subject of science to life for students is exactly what Mr. Davidoff did when he prepared our Alexander Academy students to challenge themselves by entering our first science fair.

 Everyone was engaged and interested! Inquiries were made and considered. Does the environment influence human behaviour? Will corn survive global warming? What type of music causes plants to grow faster? We even found out about herbal anti-bacterials! It was a morning full of scientific discoveries.


Theatre contributes to the development of students and is both an academic discipline and a performing art. At the Academy, the study of theatre in English 11 motivated our students to develop ideas, insights and values. Through the study of MacBeth, our students were involved in a theatre– dialogue– which provided them with a uniquely effective method for studying the communicative functions of human language.

Such a creative experience allowed our students to develop the ability to communicate through the art form.

The showing of MacBeth truly provided students with the opportunity to practice the skills learned, both in the classroom and in public performance. The performance was an inspiration for us all!

 Our Art Show

 The entire school celebrated the work of our student artists by attending our first annual year-end art show.

 The walls showcased student’s work, giving students recognition and exposure for their work.

 Student work will be on display for the last 2 weeks of June.
 Our Fabulous Teachers

 These are the people who spark magic and change lives…our educators!
We wish everyone a fabulous summer vacation and look forward to the 2016/17 school year!

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