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Virtual High School Preparation Program

Our Virtual High School Foundation Program is a free, 14-week English preparation program that runs from September 2020 to December 2020 and combines English language development with Canadian Studies. Students in grades 8 through 10 can build their academic and English skills online while familiarizing themselves with Canadian history and culture for a smooth transition into high school in Canada. Students who complete this program will go on to complete their High School Diploma Program (known as the B.C. Dogwood diploma).

Course descriptions
The lower level courses focus on grammar, vocabulary acquisition, academic listening practice. Students also work on improving their reading, listening, pronunciation.  and speaking. Students learn commonly-used idioms and slang in a communicative way. Teachers also, use various activities to practice these new idioms including listening tasks, conversation skills, and discussion.

The higher-level courses are content-based language learning, social issues, culture, current events while integrating reading foundations, language arts, writing skills, comprehension, expressing an opinion, and writing foundations. The primary focus of these courses is to help students develop opinions, interpret information, become independent learners, and active classroom participants.

All students undergo a placement test that identifies their course level. At the end of the session, each student will receive a written evaluation.


Virtual High School Foundation Program tuition fee: free
Duration: 14 weeks


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