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Student Services

The Student Services at Alexander Academy offers a wide range of services and support, including:

  • Counseling
  • New Student Orientation
  • Homestay Program and Coordinator on team

Programs unique to student services include:

Teacher Advisor Program

Students are assigned to a faculty member who is their Teacher Advisor. Students meet weekly with their Teacher Advisor
to participate in developmental guidance activities within a supportive setting.

The aims of the Teacher Advisor are:
• to support and guide the student in both academic and social matters;
• to act as an advocate for the student;
• to communicate positive and/or negative trends in academic and/or social behavior and offer support or refer the student to other resources as necessary.

Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning

Our experiential outdoor education program is an integral piece of the curriculum at Alexander Academy. Our primary goal is to provide all students with physically, emotionally and socially exciting outdoor experiences. Through this program students are encouraged to develop practical outdoor survival skills as well as positive values such as; respect for nature, personal responsibility, self-confidence, team building and leadership. Throughout the year, students participate in several outdoor activities and excursions such as snowshoeing, cross-country or downhill skiing or snowboarding in the local mountains. The school year ends with multi-day individual class trips, which include a core range of experiences each year.

Health and Wellness Program

At Alexander Academy, our Health and Wellness program emphasizes a commitment to lifelong health and wellness. Our facilities include a new, state-of-the-art Health and Fitness Centre. Students will learn the skills and techniques applicable to various sports, emphasizing personal achievement and natural athleticism. Our unique downtown location allows access to a variety of facilities that provide opportunities for our students to participate in activities such as fencing, bouldering, kayaking, and more. Students will benefit from both our community and on-site resources aimed at promoting their holistic growth and wellness.

Servant Leadership and Community Service

Servant leadership suggests that to serve is to lead. At Alexander Academy our students are encouraged to serve a cause which they believe in, and in doing so, others will follow. ‘Service to Others’ is one of the highest ideals of our school. Our Leadership and Service Program allows students to recognize they have some responsibility to help others. We aim to foster a love of service in each student. By graduation, students will have developed and implemented individual leadership initiatives in the school and community.