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Homestay plays a key role in the international student experience and provides support for student success in the Alexander Academy program. It gives students the opportunity to experience life with a Canadian family while they develop their English language skills in a comfortable and caring family setting. Students will begin to adapt to Canadian culture as they share experiences with their homestay families.

Our partner homestay provider visits each home and interviews family members. Families are carefully screened and must be prepared to include our students in family activities. Our students become part of their extended families to ensure safe, secure and comfortable homes.

Students are provided with their own fully furnished bedroom, three quality meals a day (lunch is given to them to take to school), access to laundry facilities and television.

Our option also includes custodianship and our provider monitors and meets with students while providing monthly reports which are sent to both the school and the students’ parents. Our provider is included as part of our Student Orientation Day in order to provide support to new students at Alexander Academy.

Our Admissions Coordinator works closely with an outside homestay agency to place our international students with caring families. Our downtown location allows students to be placed within 30 – 45 minutes of our location, and is easily accessible by public transportation.


Alexander Academy students are required to be placed by our homestay provider unless living with a family member who is also the custodian, age 25 or older. As of June 29th, 2017, new students (who are not living with family members) will be placed by our approved homestay provider.

Should a student’s attendance fall below 90%, a homestay visit will take place. The audit fee for this evaluation is $200.

Students who are required to move are responsible for all costs associated with the placement and homestay fees of our homestay provider.

Students living with a family member must remain in this arrangement for the duration of their studies. The family member must remain in Canada for the entire school year. Family members, who plan on leaving the country, must notify the school for the student to be placed by our homestay provider. Students who move away from their family to an unapproved living situation may face expulsion.