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Media and Visual Arts

The Media and Visual Arts program at Alexander Academy is a hands-on program with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Students will work with image and sound, using both traditional and emergent media forms to develop techniques of media art production, such as storyboarding, image development, and editing, encouraging their ability to express their creative ideas in new and innovative ways. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to explore the visual and fine arts in various forms, including painting, drawing, photography, and design. Both the facilities and the urban canvas of the City of Vancouver are utilized to enrich each student’s learning experience.

Performing Arts

At Alexander Academy, students will acquire basic fine arts skills and develop a foundation to nurture and inspire their own artistic talents. Drama offers students opportunities to develop diverse dramatic skills and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. The drama program offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of dramatic forms and general techniques and learn how these pertain to acting for film and television.

In Film and Television, students learn how artistic components affect meaning in film and television works, and how to manipulate these components to achieve specific purposes or effects by learning filming and editing techniques. All students have the opportunity to participate in the school play either on stage or behind the scenes. Through out-of-classroom learning, students are given the opportunity to experience live theatre, dance, and musical performances at venues such as the Arts Club Theatre, Scotiabank Theatre, Dance Theatre, Bard on the Beach, and others.